Travel Company «Odisseya», Vladivostok, Russia

Phone/fax in Vladivostok
+7 (4232) 517–720
46, Verkhneportovaya Str.,
Vladivostok, 690003, Russia

Our company offers follower services:

  • Application of invitations from any country both for tourist and business trips.
  • Consultation on the questions of business organization and development, and on investment questions.
  • Reception in airport and escort through all route.
  • Service of English, Korean and Japanese language interpreters.
  • Transport service.
  • Different routs through Primorie including excursion programs and expeditions.
  • Travel of Russian tourists, excursion and rest.
Our company has appropriate license and quality certificate according our services. We are ready to reply on the any your question if only you'll call us or send the message on our .
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